Brussels attack, Patrick Zaki: “Also remember the Palestinian child killed in the USA”

Between Israel, Palestinians and Hamas “many Italian journalists reported the events, but not all did so fairly”

The reasons for terrorism must be understood. Every terrorist attack has reasons. Why did this group (Hamas, ed.) reach the point of perpetrating these actions? I believe we need to do some research into the underlying reasons.” She said it Patrick Zaki, during the presentation of his book ‘Dreams and illusions of freedom’, published by ‘La nave di Teseo’, at the Parenti Theater in Milan. “I will always do my best to fight fanaticism and terrorism. To counter this, we must raise the flag of democracy and peace”, she adds. Zaki takes the floor as news arrives from Brussels relating to an armed attack which killed 2 people: “In addition to mentioning the attack that just happened in Brussels, I would also mention the Palestinian child killed this morning in America“.

“We must try to work on peace. Understand why criminal attacks take place, understand why they come from different groups. I repeat: it is necessary to raise the flag of peace and justice. In addition to the Brussels attack, we must think about all the other victims. It must be said that we do not want any more violence or human losses”, he says.

“I believe that all civilians are important. I am against violence towards anyone. I believe that in this case (in the conflict in the Middle East, ed.) there was no equality in the way in which the news was told. I know that many Italian journalists they reported the events, but not all of them did so fairly,” he says.

“All institutions must investigate what happened. They said that phosphorus was used, they said that there are hostages, who must definitely be freed. However, there are Palestinians who have lost homes and families. One of my dearest friends he lost his family. There must be equal rights for everyone, but for this to be the case, there must be a solution at a political level”, he adds.