Bucci: “Genoa, a city that extends to the sea with new surfaces”

The assignment of the order to the consortium led by Webuild for the construction of the new breakwater of the Port of the Ligurian capital was presented at Palazzo San Giorgio

Genoa, 14 Oct. (Adnkronos) (Red // Adnkronos)

“The city expands on the sea, the city acquires new surfaces”. This was declared by the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci in the press conference in which, at Palazzo San Giorgio, the assignment of the order to the consortium headed by Webuild for the construction of the new breakwater of the Port was presented. “Some of these new water surfaces can then be filled to make new piers and new docks. This is the future of the port of Genoa, of this new great logistic reality. This is an epochal thing. years of work and we will follow him as long as we are in office, since we all have a pro-tempore assignment. We will do everything possible to make it easier we will see the dam advance meter by meter “.

“This – continued Bucci – is one of the works that people can touch by seeing them advance. You can see the system moving forward and this gives confidence and trust in the future and, above all, the awareness that we are working for future generations, to the future of our city and of Italy. We remind you that this is not an investment only for Genoa and Liguria, this is a great investment, for the logistics line of corridor number one in Europe, where 55% of the continent’s goods pass. and which guarantees future development for all of Northern Italy, as well as Switzerland and Germany, which will also be served thanks to the Third Pass, by a primary logistics line. We have had some difficulties, they cannot be denied, and there will still be some when the dam is not completed. We all know it, but we face the difficulties in a concrete, serious, professional and above all transparent way that we have shown for the bridge, and the results are evident. ”