Bucha massacre, NYT investigation confirms role of Russian soldiers

Russian paratroopers from the 234th Air Assault Regiment, reveals the New York Times

Russian paratroopers of the 234th Air Assault Regiment. They are said to be responsible for the Bucha massacre, occupied by the Russian armed forces for over a month at the start of the war. This was revealed by the New York Times, which conducted an investigation into what Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky called “a genocide” and released a video that proves the responsibility of the Russian military unit for killing civilians in a particular street of Bucha, Yablunska Street. Thus denying Moscow’s position which speaks of ”provocations by radical Ukrainians”.

“Soldiers interrogated and executed unarmed men of fighting age and killed people who unknowingly crossed their paths, whether they were children fleeing with their families, locals hoping to find groceries or people simply trying to bike home,” reported the New York Times. “Almost all of the victims we identified on Yablunska Street were Ukrainian civilians or prisoners of war. Their killing could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court and considered a war crime under international humanitarian law,” the newspaper wrote. “Because of their systematic and widespread nature, the killings in Bucha could also amount to crimes against humanity,” he added.