Budget Law today in the Council of Ministers. Agreement on pensions, in 2022 quota 102

The control room, waiting for the Council of Ministers to give the green light to the maneuver, confirms the 23.4 billion euro plant. Squeeze on citizenship income and exceeding of cashback and Quota 100. Meanwhile, the Government approves the decree to accelerate the implementation of the NRP. The unions evoke the strike

The distances remain. But the government goes straight. Mario Draghi’s line does not change. From pensions to the tax wedge and citizenship income, the premier listens, confronts everyone. But then he decides. Leading the country on a virtuous path made up of reforms, modernization, de-bureaucratization but above all growth, the only real way towards debt recovery: commitments made with Europe in exchange for the huge resources of Recovery. But it is the method, in addition to the content, that the unions do not like. Ready to mobilize without changes compared to what emerged in the last tense meeting at Palazzo Chigi. Social partners, then the majority and the governing body with a final control room that confirms the balances of the Maneuver which thus lands on the table of the Council of Ministers in the next few hours.

The resources allocated

The budget planning document has been confirmed: 23.4 billion. Interventions on tax cuts (8 billion) and then resources allocated for social safety nets about 3 billion. 1 billion and a half to soften the substantial return to the system designed by the Fornero law. Yes, because Quota 100 will be exceeded and the League will not make barricades. On pensions and even the tax authorities, the Democratic Party insists: we must continue the dialogue with the social partners. And Beppe Grillo also makes himself heard in asking for a meeting point.

The timing

But times are tight. And the apparently unbridgeable distances. “Protecting the workers of today and tomorrow” warns the premier in another meeting with the trade unions, with the secretary CGIL Landini who replies: young people are a priority for us. Full speed ahead, however, also on other issues such as citizenship income. What remains but changes. With a tightening of preventive controls and a cut of the check for those who reject two job offers. And then definitive stop to cashback. Meanwhile, the go-ahead also arrives for the Recovery bis decree, with measures to speed up and simplify the implementation of the NRP.

The Colle game

Tight deadlines because there is so much to do besides the Budget session. And the Colle game is more and more alive. Between meetings, lunches and tests of numerical agreements in Parliament and outside. After the face to face between the leaders of the Pd and 5 Stelle Letta and Conte, the government forces of the Center-right will be seen in the next few hours. Lega and Forza Italia at Berlusconi’s home. Government issues are on the table, but the Quirinal knot cannot fail to be there as well.