Bugo replies to Morgan: “Court Jester”

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The clash between Bugo and Morgan continues. A few weeks ago the singer of Instead Yes he had rekindled the controversy over the Sanremo 2020 dispute on social media and had defined Morgan a “artistoid“in need of”shift politician” to work, as it cannot be classified as a songwriter. The Bluvertigo singer had therefore replied on the pages of Rolling Stone: “You are not only unable to compete technically, you are humanly poor”. As reported by Radio Deejay, Bugo did not cash in and, in the latest Instagram stories, he struck yet another blow to Morgan. “So Morganaccio, I guess you didn’t understand anything” he began, “I didn’t ask you any questions, so what do you reply? The reply, you don’t have shit to do, so call the people right away Rolling Stone: “Hello, I have to reply to Bugo!”” continued the artist imitating a whimper. “I see you didn’t have shit to do that you replied immediately because I hit the mark when I told you you’re not a songwriter, huh. Did you get hurt? Immediately, within 24 hours, they told me that you were already online with the article. I made a week go by, because I have more important things to do than answering someone like you”.


Bugo then underlined the differences between the great personalities of the music world and Morgan, who had changed the lyrics of the song on the Ariston stage Sincere in the lines “ugly intentions, rudeness”: “You talk about masters, you mention names: Bindi, Tenco. These were songwriters. No one would ever do what you did. Changing the text you call “verses”, “my verses”, what the f*** are you, a poet? Idiot, it’s the lyrics of a song. Changing the lyrics of one song to another is not songwriting. A true songwriter would never have done that”. Bugo also attacked Morgan for pointing out his artistic achievements: “A true songwriter doesn’t make a shopping list like you do: “I won, this, I did that, I took that prize!”. Pathetic! You did the most ridiculous shit in the history of television. “I didn’t have the courage to answer you on stage”. But what is it, the stage is like a ring? The stage is sacred. You talk a lot about Luigi Tenco, but he died for that stage, court jester”.


Bugo then directed the outburst towards Enrico Melozzi, conductor of the performance with Morgan in Sanremo: “You are the phenomenon with Melozzi, the conductor, who said that Bugo should have answered. I saw a sentence you wrote: should I thank you?”. In the last reply, Morgan had in fact written: “Thank heaven you are on this stage, respect who brought you inside”. Bugo continued: “You did what you did in 2020 for you, not for me. To show how cool you are. But nobody cares about yoube a comedian, a bit of a journalist for Rolling Stone, a few little programs that nobody shits. Do you know what you do? Take you, Melozzi and put on a nice little show at the circus, with the ring and you’re all happy with “the verses”. While you do the circus with your clown friends, I finish the disc. Because I make records and publish them, they exist. Not like you saying you made the albums, but where the f*** are your records and your songs? Where am I? They do not exist: nobody wants you, a record company doesn’t want you, a publishing company doesn’t want you, because you don’t know how to do it. And you want to go talk about music on television? Just make you laugh! And let’s have a laugh.”


The following day Bugo revived the controversy with a text written in the Instagram stories to explain the reasons for the unearthing of the Sanremo 2020 events: “Initially I opted for total silence out of superiority. Then the pandemic arrived, and despite that idiot continuing to fuel the controversy, I continued to keep quiet, because Italy didn’t deserve this controversy with all the dead there were. Buffoon Morganaccio. Now the pandemic is over and that mental dwarf is still talking about me. And then I said to myself: “Now I’ll answer that one rotten zucchini and I lay it down”. Court buffoon, politicians’ asshole. For three years you spoke because you are infamous. I am a man, you are neither a man nor an artist. We’re all going to have a laugh with your little show. Go crazy!”. The reference is to the four musical evenings of the show StraMorgan, broadcast in April and in which Asia Argento’s ex-boyfriend will collaborate with Pino Strabioli. “Now I stop. Too much shit I had to keep in my head for three years, and now I have to throw it out to keep from going crazy. I’m sure you understand” concluded Bugo.