Burioni: “Are vaccinated contagious as unvaccinated? Lie”

“On the whole, the vaccinated are less infected and the others less infected”

“There is a lie that is told over and over again: vaccinated people become infected and transmit the virus as much as unvaccinated. It’s not true, it’s not true.” Professor Roberto Burioni, a virologist at San Raffaele, expresses himself in this way at Che tempo che fa. “It is like saying that a drunk driver causes the same accidents as one who drives sober. It is true that a vaccinated person can become infected and can transmit the virus, but on the whole the vaccinated become less infected and others less infected”, adds Burioni. .

“The vaccine hinders the transmission, some say that it is not true but until today, with the Delta variant since nobody knows the Omicron variant, this is the situation. Obviously you have to be on par with the vaccination, you have to do the third dose when it should be done “, emphasizes the virologist.

In his ‘lesson’, Burioni focuses on the vaccine for children aged 5-11. “It has been said that children do not get infected and do not get infected: it is not true. At the moment, the maximum incidence of covid in our country is in children from 0 to 9 years of age. They are not vaccinated and frequent the closed environment At the moment, covid is essentially a pediatric infection in Italy. When they become infected, children have milder consequences than older people, “he says.

“During the pandemic we had about 1,500 children hospitalized, 37 ended up in intensive care and 9 died. Nine deaths are few compared to the 130,000 victims of the pandemic, but 9 dead children are disturbing. We now know with reasonable certainty that the problem covid disease in children is a multisystem inflammatory disease, which occurs in one in 3,000 cases one month after recovery, with inflammation of several organs. The risks for a child between 5 and 11 are not negligible, “he says.

What are the risks associated with the vaccine? “In the US, 5 million children have been vaccinated and the director of the Centers for Disease Control, the most authoritative institute in the control of infectious diseases, said that no safety problems have been recorded. On the one hand, we have a disease. with risks, on the other hand we have a 91% effective vaccine that seems to be very, very safe. The choice is easy. I have a 10-year-old daughter, I love her very much. And for this I have already vaccinated her. “