Burioni candidate for mayor in Urbino? “No, I’m more useful as a doctor”

The virologist: “I received the proposal, I decided not to accept”

Is virologist Roberto Burioni running for mayor of Urbino? The professor received the proposal to run, as he explains in a post on Facebook. “I received, through a dear friend, the proposal to run as mayor of Urbino and I was very flattered. First of all because – despite the prevailing narrative of the last 30 years – I consider politics to be the highest form of social commitment for a citizen in a democratic country. Secondly because the fact that in a town with such an ancient and important university tradition they think of a university professor as a candidate for mayor is in my opinion a very positive sign”, Burioni’s reflection.

“Everyone knows how attached I am to my origins, but I decided not to accept”, he says before giving the reasons for his ‘no’. “Even when faced with other proposals in the past, I chose to continue being a University Professor and continue in my commitment to correctly communicate science and medicine to the public. In our times of obscurantism and superstition I think that this too is a form of politics, and this is the way in which I think at this moment to be most useful to my country”, he adds.