Burkina Faso, 33 civilians killed in an attack: jihadist hypothesis

Massacre in western Burkina Faso. In an attack, believed to be jihadist in nature, 33 civilians were killed. This was announced by the governor of the Boucle du Mouhoun region. “On the evening of Thursday May 11 at around 5 pm (7 pm in Italy), the village of Youlou in Cheriba department, Mouhoun province, suffered a cowardly and barbaric terrorist attack,” Babo Pierre Bassinga said in a statement, specifying that 33 civilians were killed. (THE APRIL ATTACK)

The statements

“Gunmen targeted peaceful citizens engaged in their farming activities on the banks of the river,” added Bassinga. Local sources confirmed the presence of “heavily armed” attackers “on board motorbikes”, who “shot” on farmers “indistinctly”, specifying that the victims were buried on Friday. Cheriba residents also say three people were injured by bullets. The governor invited the population to “redouble their vigilance and pursue collaboration with the fighting forces for a total victory against terrorism and a definitive return to peace and security in the region”.