Burkina Faso, Isis claims responsibility for attack: 160 terrorists and 51 soldiers dead

Captured five soldiers

The Islamic State jihadist group operating in the Sahel region today claimed responsibility for the ambush perpetrated against the Burkina Faso army between Deou and Oursi, in the province of Oudalan (north), which resulted in the death of 160 terrorists and 51 military. The terrorist group also announced the capture of five soldiers, as reported on her Twitter profile by Rita Katz, director of the Site Intelligence Group, an organization specializing in monitoring terrorist groups.

The armed forces of Burkina Faso have announced for the first time the deaths of eight soldiers and 160 terrorists. Subsequently, the number of soldiers killed by the ambush rose to 51, reported the Burkina24 news portal.

Burkina Faso’s government announced on Friday the start of an “exceptional recruitment” of 5,000 soldiers to bolster counter-terrorism efforts after Burkina Faso’s military junta leader Ibrahim Traoré said he was keeping the determination to continue the fight against terrorism “until final victory” after the Ouadalan attack.