Bus Mestre, two Ukrainian families destroyed: “They were fleeing the war”

There were 8 on the bus, 5 dead

They fled the war in Ukraine, but found their death on board the bus that crashed from the overpass near Mestre station. It is the dramatic story of two families linked to each other, coming from one of the hottest areas of the conflict, near the border with Russia. After the invasion in February 2022 they found refuge in Croatia. Then the decision to leave together for a short holiday in Venice, two or three days’ stay at the Hu campsite, with children and grandparents. “There were eight people, there are three left. A tragedy that is difficult to understand because the pain and suffering that animates these people is unspeakable and demands respect”, said the prefect of Venice, Michele Di Bari, leaving the hospital of the Angel of Mestre, after having accompanied the consul general of Ukraine in Milan, Andrii Kartysh, in his visit to the relatives of the victims and injured.

Among them there was also a father, who remained in Croatia while his family was traveling to Venice: he lost his daughter and his in-laws on the bus, while his wife is hospitalized in intensive care at Mestre hospital. “I met him, he is desperate. His wife is alive, but they lost the baby,” the consul said.

Nine Ukrainian victims in the accident

The Ukrainians had the heaviest death toll: 9 died on the bus, 5 were injured, including a 4-year-old girl hospitalized in very serious conditions in the major burns department of the Padua hospital, while her mother is in intensive care in Treviso.

“We are in contact with the family in Ukraine, the situation is very serious”, said the consul. The problems for these families, coming from the Kherson and Donetsk areas, are double: the war on the one hand, the Mestre bus massacre on the other. “Yesterday we called relatives of the victims in Ukraine and due to the bombings the telephone line went down just as we were giving them the news of the death of their loved ones”, says Kartysh emotionally. Then a bitter observation: “They fled the war, to die on a bus.”