Businesses, from Manageritalia Excellence Award to sustainability champions

Promoted together with Confcommercio-Imprese for Italy and Cfmt

Three managers and three excellent companies that have been able to react to the pandemic by transforming business models, organization and corporate welfare to guarantee and enhance the work of employees in the midst of the lockdown. Brave captains and companies who have strengthened the bond with their workers, customers and suppliers, transforming the pandemic crisis into an opportunity for growth and implementation of sustainability. For this they won the tenth edition of the ‘Lido Vanni Excellence Award‘, an acknowledgment coveted by the entire tertiary business community (commerce, tourism and services) which will be delivered tonight, November 25th, at 8 pm, live on TV on Sky 501, on and on social channels Manageritalia.

The Excellence Award – conceived by Manageritalia and promoted together with Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia and Cfmt (Tertiary Management Training Center) – is aimed at managers and companies (in two different categories) that more than others in the period 2019-2021 have distinguished themselves as promoters or actors, in different areas of competence, activities or achievements of high significance and depth, such as to be considered of absolute excellence. Particular attention was given this year, in the choice of the winners, the management and overcoming of the emergency caused by the pandemic in the two professional and social spheres.

The three managers awarded this year are: Aurelio July, business consultant protagonist of many initiatives for the inclusion and enhancement of skills, including the paper mill project in favor of immigrants; Patrizia Pini, risk manager of the Columbus clinic in Milan, which managed the Covid emergency and managed to keep it Covid-free in order to treat and operate the patients of the other structures; Giorgio Ravasio, Italy country manager of the Vivienne Westwood fashion house which consolidated the production in Italy. The winning companies are instead Crai, a player in large-scale distribution that has been attentive to sustainability for years; Gi Group, an Italian multinational of work and placement; Long live Viviana Varese, a company headed by the starred chef of the same name, who has always been active in the social sector.

These, therefore, are the winners of the 2021 Excellence Award – chosen by special juries among the reports received by the 38 thousand managers of Manageritalia, from the 800 thousand companies of Confcommercio and from the companies that collaborate with Cfmt – who will collect the award tonight, Thursday 25, November at 20, on a special stage: that of Sky’s live TV. Announcing the three winners of the 2021 Excellence Award, the president of Manageritalia, Mario Mantovani, said: “Never before has it been a priority to bring to general attention those who trace the path to improve the life of our community in every area. Managers and companies must do so with a view to producing economic growth, jobs and income for everyone. . Skills and skills are thus the real starting point for building a sustainable future at every level and to give back to our country a development that sees work and its meaning at the center “.

Announcing the three winners in the business category, the Deputy Vice President of Confcommercio-Imprese for Italy, Lino Enrico Stoppani, said: “In the coming years, the challenge of competitiveness for businesses in the trade, tourism and services will be played on the ability to investing in human capital, fostering the growth of skills, knowledge, skills and professionalism and creating virtuous and solid links between management and the workforce. A dynamic that, if managed with intelligence, will allow companies to maximize their resilience, even in the presence of unpredictable and disruptive events, such as the pandemic. ”

Finally, the president of CFMT, Simone Pizzoglio, partner of the Award, said: “Excellence is an achievement that is built in the past and shapes success in the future. The Excellence Award testifies to the commitment of the winning managers and companies to build this future. Cfmt has been helping managers and companies in building employability and competitiveness for 25 years, supporting them with advanced training and unique and exclusive events. “The award ceremony of the tenth edition of the Excellence Award will be broadcast live on Sky for the first time on channel 501. , on and on Manageritalia’s social channels.