Businesses, in Milan meeting on the ‘school of industry’ between the past and the future

The transmission of the corporate culture and its values ​​to the new generations, but also the importance that companies make their history known and value their roots. These are some of the topics touched upon in the meeting “At school of industry between past, present and future”, organized by the Bracco Group and by Museimpresa on the occasion of the XXI Week of Corporate Culture of Confindustria and moderated by Nicoletta Picchio of Sole 24 Ore.

The event, which took place in the Theater of the Bracco Foundation in via Cino del Duca in Milan, was attended by Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Bracco Group, Antonio Calabrò, President of Museimpresa, Paolo Mieli, journalist, historian and television presenter , Daniele Pozzi, professor of Business Heritage at LIUC (Cattaneo University), Simone Bramante (aka Brahmino) photographer and curator and Antonio Alunni, President of the Confindustria Culture Technical Group.

“This edition of the Corporate Culture Week falls in a particular year for us, because we celebrate the 95th anniversary of our company,” said Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the Group. “Among the many initiatives put in place to celebrate this important milestone, there is one that is particularly close to my heart: we have created and put online the Bracco Digital Historical Archive“. “To the new generations – he adds – I always say that they must remember what happened before them in order to be able to tend towards change and continuous improvement. Indeed, history shapes the future. It is therefore right to invest in heritage, because it is a strategic lever for companies and an element that makes them unique and distinguishes them from competitors. Furthermore, corporate heritage strengthens identity and cements the sense of community and belonging and people’s engagement”.

The speakers at the Milanese conference of Confindustria’s XXI Week of Corporate Culture all wondered how, in the era of social media and smart working, young people can be passionate about the value of work, emphasizing that companies are communities alive and creative that help the professional and personal growth of each one. Paolo Mieli, interviewed by Nicoletta Picchio, focused in particular on the role of industry in the material and cultural development of Italy, on the pride of “doing well” and on the value of work, typical of Made in Italy.

During the evening, a film was shown on the Bracco Digital Historical Archive, a project that was nominated for a nomination at the 2022 Corporate Heritage Awards. The bilingual website contains hundreds of unpublished videos, photos and documents to discover. An innovative storytelling that tells the story of one of the historic Made in Italy brands and the entrepreneurial adventure of the Bracco family. Compelling stories that can be listened to with a simple click on the site or in the podcasts of Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and many others: from the one on the friendship between the captain of industry Fulvio Bracco and the scientist Ernst Felder to the Iopamidolo Revolution, from he start of activities in 1927 in the Piazzale Susa headquarters at the birth of the large Bracco production site in Lambrate, up to the realization of the American dream and the conquest of markets all over the world.

This incredible journey through time is structured into five different sections: Family, Company, Innovation, Sustainability and Culture. Research, corporate responsibility, patronage, international openness and attention to the environment are part of the DNA of the family and of the Bracco Group. Strong values ​​that the Historical Archive preserves and hands down to the new generations.