Businesses, ‘R Factor’: Romagna has created a system on innovation

Economists, entrepreneurs, institutions: in front of an audience of over 300 people they discussed the topic of innovation in the seventh edition of Fattore R, the Romagna Economic Forum hosted today (Friday 20 October) at the Cesena Fair, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce (Romagna and Ravenna and Ferrara), Cesena Fiera and Bper Banca, with the support and collaboration of Legacoop Romagna, CNA Romagna, Confartigianato, Confindustria Romagna. Everyone agreed that the present and future of a territory is based on innovation, even more so in an era like the current one marked by a push for change accelerated by the advent of new technologies and climate change.

According to Carlo Battistini, president of the Romagna Chamber of Commerce: “The Romagna Chambers of Commerce support businesses in digitalisation and innovation processes. Because innovation is the element that allows you to do better what you have always done quite well, improves the productivity of businesses and promotes the quantitative and qualitative growth of the economic system. Our entrepreneurs can elevate their social function of territorial protection and development and be the drivers of innovation, which also and above all passes through continuous valorisation of their human capital. And we are here to accompany and help them on this path, rethinking and innovating our services, aware of the great challenge that change imposes on all players in the system”, he underlined.

For Giorgio Guberti, president of the Ferrara and Ravenna Chamber of Commerce. “Despite the many difficulties of these last few months (flood, climate changes…) Romagna has shown great proof of resilience. In this reality characterized by extreme volatility, investing in innovation is fundamental for the growth of a territory. In just five years, mobile devices have doubled to 42 billion, with a forecast of 75 billion in a few years. This gives the idea of ​​how digital systems are increasingly strategic, affecting all sectors transversally. Historically, Romagna has always had a strong propensity for innovation due to its cultural, social and economic characteristics. Among the challenges we face are investing in young people, public administration reform and a shift towards the simplified logistics area”, he concluded.

Stefano Vittorio Kuhn, chief retail & commercial banking officer of BPER Banca underlined that “BPER Banca wants to be a participant in innovation both by standing alongside Romagna companies that want to follow the path of modernization, and by providing support and adequate tools, and by acting on speed of execution and the ability to intercept entrepreneurial needs. For this reason, today we present ourselves to customers with services capable of supporting them in all aspects of the business: we have a solid commercial structure that continually evolves, made up of specialists trained in opportunities offered by tenders, on subsidized financing, on sustainability. We also have a newly established Agri Banking service and a completely updated portal,, dedicated to companies that want to follow an internationalization process”, he remarked.

For Lorenzo Tersi, Cesena Fiera Councilor with responsibility for Fattore R: “It was a great day for Romagna which created a system around a central theme for its future such as innovation. There are many ideas launched for growth with a perspective from an international, national and local framework together with illustrious economists, entrepreneurs and institutions. What has emerged is the awareness that all together we can face the challenges for the future of Romagna”.