Businesses: with the ‘digital drawer’, nearly 2 million run their businesses from smartphones

A constant and diversified growth that now involves a large part of the country’s entrepreneurial fabric. The digital drawer of the entrepreneur –, counts to date the presence of almost 1.9 million entrepreneurs – legal representatives and business owners (up 17% compared to December 2021) – who used it to download more than 5 million official documents and thus find up-to-date information and data on your company. The web app, created by InfoRooms on behalf of Chambers of Commerce, allows every entrepreneur to have available free of charge and at any time – from different devices – all the official documents of their company filed in the Business Register, always updated and ready to be downloaded and shared in an easy, safe and fast way: , certificates, statutes, balance sheets, plans, sworn statements and many other digital documents that can be shared in real time with customers, suppliers, banks, professionals and the PA. (VIDEO)

“The balance drawn up in 2022 is very positive – says Paolo Ghezzi, General Manager of InfoCamere – The good results were also obtained thanks to the acceleration of the use of digital during the pandemic. There are now almost two million entrepreneurs who use the web app on the website without problems”.

The “photograph” of companies that use the digital drawer is very varied but, according to Ghezzi, an interesting fact emerges: “86% of entrepreneurs who have activated the service are at the head of a company with fewer than 10 employees”.

Of these, the 18% lead a women’s business, 16% are craftsmen, 8% are representatives of an ‘under 35’ business, 21% work in trade and 15% in construction. Overall, entrepreneurs who use the digital drawer represent 30.3% of the 6.1 million companies registered in the Register of Chambers of Commerce.

“Further fact that bodes well – continues Ghezzi – is that the strongest response comes from the South, which sees eight provinces among the top ten in the rankings for membership rate. This confirms how the digital drawer is an excellent tool useful for reducing the digital divide which for years has made companies in the South suffer compared to companies in the North”.

The digital drawer of the entrepreneur has not only changed the way of working of those who use it but it has also become one best practices for the Public Administration, so much so that it was awarded the “Public Value: Public Administration that works”, promoted by Sda Bocconi School of Management together with the Gedi Group. An important recognition that enhances the innovative content of the service, its concrete results and the reproducibility of the model in other areas of action of the Public Administration. Precisely thanks to these characteristics, The digital drawer has been included in one of the projects financed by the PNRR. The Simplifications decree has in fact entrusted the Italian Chamber of Commerce system – through InfoCamere – with the task of creating a service that allows companies to dialogue efficiently and transparently with the National Digital Data Platform (Pdnd), the tool set up by the Government to simplify and speed up access to public information. And the point of contact between companies and the Public Administration will be precisely the digital drawer.

The web app allows every entrepreneur to always have the updated profile of his company at hand (also already translated into English), the list of shareholders and directors, the deed of incorporation, the statute, the balance sheet, the history of changes, the appointments of directors, powers of attorney, up to the entire company file and to the declaration in lieu of the certificate of registration in the Business Register.

Through the digital drawer – in the more than 4,000 Municipalities that have entrusted this service to the Chambers of Commerce – it is also possible to access the files sent to the one-stop shop for production activities (Suap) and those intended for the one-stop shop for construction (Sue), as well as manage electronic invoices.

“The future is already well outlined – concludes Ghezzi – Simplify and give life to a less intrusive and complex and more efficient Public Administration. In short, a PA that mirrors an authoritative state. We plan to bring all 5-6 million Italian entrepreneurs to use the drawer in order to be able to achieve the import goal of true simplification, in support of the rich and varied entrepreneurial fabric of our country”.

To access the entrepreneur’s digital drawer, just connect to the website and enter through the digital identity tools: the SPID or the CNS. Furthermore, the drawer is integrated with the chambers of commerce solution for digital identity DigitalDNA, the wireless token for even easier use on the move, including the possibility of using digital signature. To find out more, just visit the ID-InfoCamere website.