“But why not? Don’t say f ** you “. Gerry Scotti talks about his earnings: Fedez blurts out

During a podcast, Gerry Scotti and Fedez had a confrontation. The topic was money, Fedez’s reaction was incredible

During the podcast Wild Mossconducted by Fedez And Luis Salhe intervened Gerry Scotti. The well-known face of Italian television chatted with his interlocutors for about an hour, during which he talked about various topics. One of them was money. The former conductor of Who wants to Be a Millionaire spoke about his humble past and how important the money.

Gerry and Scotti Fedez (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Furthermore, Scotti he also recalled his childhood in the Milanese suburbs, lived in economic conditions that were anything but idyllic. The TV presenter is the nephew of a baker and a farmer, while his father was a worker and worked at the Corriere della Sera. Gerry he recounted the afternoons spent guessing the color of the car that would cross the street where he lived.

It was a suburban place and there was austerity. Due to the lack of fuel, the government imposed a ban on the circulation of cars, which is why there were so few of them. At the time, he did not dream of becoming rich but then he had to answer the most classic of questions: “Did you dream of being a millionaire?”. His answer made me blurt out Fedezhere’s what the Milanese rapper said.

Fedez thus responds to Gerry Scotti, the video

“Why not, come on Gerry, don’t say f**** you”. Those were just the words that Fedez he used against Gerry Scotti during the podcast Wild Moss. The Milanese rapper blurted out towards the Milanese conductor, who compared his wealth to that of a soccer player B series of football. Then he corrected himself: “Let’s say Serie A, it’s better”.

During this passage, the TV presenter explained that he lost his mother and father within a day, when he was already a familiar face: “I realized, even though I was already Gerry Scotti, that I couldn’t do anything for them”, referring to any financial aid that he could have given to his family. Between one laugh and another, Scotti he also brought up Shaquille O’Nealformer champion NBA.

Shaqas the fans have always called him, said he has no intention of helping his children from an economic point of view: “This is a typical American mentality”commented one of those present in the studio. Fedez he added: “Did you see, Gerry is very Italian in this because he is reluctant to say he is not a millionaire”. Evidently the Milanese rapper wanted to make fun of the attempt to Gerry Scotti to unsuccessfully detract from his bank account.