Buzzanca’s son: “Complaint against alleged trusted doctor”

Massimiliano: “After his open letter on Facebook, we will ask the Medical Association to open a file on him for violation of privacy”

Complaint against the doctor Fulvio Tomaselli who claims to be the trusted doctor of Lando Buzzanca and request to the Medical Association to open a file on him, after the open letter on Facebookfor invasion of privacy. These are the moves that the son of Lando Buzzanca, Massimiliano, reports in a long interview granted to AdnKronos on the case. “I don’t know who this doctor who calls himself ‘trusted’ by dad is – he says Maximilian Buzzanca – Until 2019, when a support administrator was appointed for my father, I always accompanied him to the various medical visits. He was never mentioned by dad; and no one at home has ever heard of him, not even the housekeeper … We don’t know of any medical prescriptions, not even a prescription for medicines in the pharmacy: there has never been a trace of this person in the family “, she assures.

But how, then, does the figure of this doctor emerge? “I can imagine he’s related to Frances Lavaccawho would be Dad’s presumed partner as she defines herself, when she is nothing more than a friend, despite my father’s signature on the marriage banns which she was neither able to understand nor sign, so much so that this deed has been blocked by two sentences in court and on appeal, the last one in October Maximilian Buzzanca.

“He had a space in a program of hers on the internet, on aesthetic medicine which as far as I know is her specialization – continues Massimiliano – Transmission that reported the direction of Lando Buzzanca, another mystery that should be clarified, given that we are talking about a period in which dad – who is now 87 years old – had already lost much of his clarity of thought… The fact is that there are no contracts or compensation. That said, I don’t question the fact that Dad and this doctor knew each other, but he was by no means his trusted doctor.”

Explain again Maximilian Buzzanca: “A doctor who treats an elderly person with problems of lucidity and memory, first of all gets in touch with his family, also to get precise information on his state of health, as well as for professional duty: a I’m in Rome, there’s also his brother Salvo: he’s never introduced himself to any of us”. As for the content of the letter above Facebook“I read that he would be ‘dramatically lucid’ while dad hasn’t been so for about four years, he has diagnosed severe senile dementia; so much so that the guardianship judge has appointed a legal administrator… This ‘poetic licence’ absolutely cannot to pass”.

And the passage of the actor in an rsa? “It was a necessary step – assures the son – because there weren’t the conditions to bring dad home after his previous hospitalization. I had already arranged his bedroom in the house, but the worsening of his conditions recommended the transfer to the RSA for better and more continuous assistance; and we also sent yours there housekeeper Elena who was a figure of the house and of the family, for a fixed family presence”.

Finally, continues the son of Lando Buzzanca“you can’t give public information about a person’s health, like this one did Fulvio Tomaselli: there is respect for privacy on the part of a doctor and in this sense, regardless of whether or not one is the trusted doctor, the Medical Association will have to open a file on him. You can’t throw away the life of a person, whether famous or not. And no one can afford to make the accusation of abandoning him: I as a son could never do it and if I ever did it would be the rest of the family, starting with my uncle Salvo his brother, who would prevent me, would make me ‘ nero’… Ours is a typical Sicilian family! We will present a lawsuit to defend dad: as a man, as a patient, as an artist and as a character loved by the public”.

In the ‘open letter’ on Facebook, Fulvio Tomaselli, who defines himself as Lando Buzzanca’s trusted doctor, reacts to the threats of a lawsuit for violation of privacy that Massimiliano, the 87-year-old actor’s son, hospitalized since 27 December 2021 in a Roman nursing home and recently at the ‘Gemelli’ polyclinic of Rome due to a fall, after the news published about his health. And, writing a long post on Facebook tell his version of events.

“Excuse me Lando – writes Tomaselli – if I try to restore dignity to your person, if I have been trying for months to bring you back to your home to give you treatments that could not be given to you, because you were hospitalized in an unsuitable place for this. Your family says that I try advertising, perhaps the worst slander… and what a pulpit the sermon comes from! I’m sorry – continues the doctor – if I didn’t succeed, allowing your physical deterioration and terrifying language, for having tried since May 2022 your family has done everything to discredit me, witnessing your tragic free fall. I consulted the health department, who sent Asl doctors to see you”.

“Sorry if I didn’t have the strength to continue treating you closely, but I won’t give up, the responsibilities will surface. They try to turn everything into gossip is certainly more appetizing. Now ‘thanks’ to a fall from the wheelchair you are in an exceptional structure that will do everything to give you back part of what you have lost and will resign you… and then? This atrocious question rings in our ears”.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)