By 2030 first cancer vaccines, Moderna’s announcement

Vaccines against cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases are also arriving

Moderna says she is confident that i first vaccines for cancer and cardiovascular disease and autoimmune can arrive by the end of 2030 thanks to the experience gained from the anti-covid vaccines. This was reported by ‘The Guardian’ which quotes Paul Burton, the medical director of the pharmaceutical group Modern who believes the group will be able to offer this type of treatment in just five years. The progress made thanks to the success of mRna anti-covid vaccines, reports the British newspaper, is very promising and has allowed cancer vaccine research to make such strides that the equivalent of 15 years of progress has been made in 12 -18 months.

Moderna, which developed one of the most effective vaccines against the coronavirus, is developing cancer vaccines that target different types of tumors. “We will have that vaccine and it will be highly effective, and it will save many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. I think we will be able to offer personalized cancer vaccines against different types of cancer to people around the world,” Burton explains.

“I think we’ll have mRNA-based therapies for rare diseases that weren’t previously pharmacological, and I think 10 years from now we’ll be getting closer to a world where it’s really possible to identify the genetic cause of a disease and, with relative ease, go to modify and repair it using mRNA-based technology,” Burton explains. But, the newspaper notes, the scientists warn that the rapid progress made in the past three years will be wasted if current high levels of investment are not maintained. “In recent months we have had evidence that mRNA is not only useful for fighting infectious diseases and Covid. It can be applied to all kinds of disease areas: cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, rare diseases. We have studies in all of these areas and all are very promising.”