By-election Monza, Pd supports Cappato candidacy

Cappato: “Thank you Pd for your generous and courageous choice”

The Pd supports Marco Cappato’s candidacy for the Monza by-elections. “Supplementary elections for the Monza/Brianza senatorial constituency will be held on 22 and 23 October. The Democratic Party, especially in elections with a majoritarian electoral system that rewards those who obtain just one more vote, has decided to favor the alliance as broad as possible among the forces that oppose the right – states the head of the organization of the Democratic Party Igor Taruffi – For this reason, even if we could have presented authoritative candidatures representing the local Democratic Party, we decided not to fragment the group that opposes the right and to support the candidacy of Marco Cappato”.

I am grateful to the Democratic Party for its generous and courageous choice – writes Cappato on X – It will be an exciting challenge, together with those who already support me and those who will arrive. We will make the most of the differences to convince and win on 22 and 23 October.”

Simona Malpezzisenator and parliamentarian of the Lombardy Democratic Party, responds to Adnkronos on the PD’s decision: “There is all respect for Cappato’s name but there is bitterness. An opportunity was missed. The single-member election offers the possibility of nominating figures rooted in the territory. It’s sad that a different choice was made.”

“The question had been posed for some time, there was a letter from the mayors who, not in a polemical but constructive spirit, asked to work on personalities rooted in the college. It is unfortunate that this request was not listened to,” he underlines. “I’m from Lombardy, I live near Monza and I can’t help but feel the discomfort in the area.”