Cacchione (Usb Taxi): “Decrees 2019 must be implemented, new call soon”

Today there was a meeting at MIT between taxis and the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini

“The meeting with the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini was an interim meeting, he listened to our observations. We pointed out in particular the need to implement the 2019 implementing decrees, which we believe cannot be postponed and from which the current problems related to the shortage of taxis and problems related to multinationals also emerge. Even one of the decrees provides for a real picture of non-scheduled local transport. We hope that we will go in this direction”. This was stated to Adnkronos by the coordinator of the USB Taxi, Riccardo Cacchione at the end of the meeting at MIT with Salvini, underlining that “there should be a new call” from the minister very soon.

For Cacchione “a good part of the current impasse” is therefore linked to the failure to implement the 2019 decrees. “Talking about new licenses and different timetables are all good things but they are placed in a container and only after the state of the art has been verified. There are different needs between the territories. The service can be balanced in one way if the problem is occasional, in another way if it is structural”.

In any case, notes the USB Taxi coordinator, “we need to try to ensure that the income of those who work is decent. With rain mechanisms we risk leading taxi drivers to starvation and we are not available. We need serious and reasoned interventions and a snapshot of the sector and to ban platforms not managed by taxis that act as intermediaries and create damage for the user”, explains Cacchione.