Caivano decree, ok Cdm to new measures. Urban daspo already from 14 years old

Piantedosi: “Arrest in flagrante delicto for minors even for drug dealing of minor entity”. Nordio: “Prison for parents who don’t let their children go to school”

Prison for parents who do not let their children go to school and urban Daspo applicable from the age of 14. These are some of the measures of the Caivano decree approved today by the Council of Ministers (Urgent measures to combat youth discomfort, educational poverty and juvenile crime).

“I think the rules brought to the CDM today are very important rules – said the premier Giorgia Meloni, speaking at the press conference – In the past, the State preferred to deal with other matters, it gave the signal that on some issues it was better not to enter, that putting one’s face in it was dangerous, and instead I think that “today’s CDM” is the sign of a State that decides to put its face even on matters that are very complex and difficult to resolve. In Caivano we made precise commitments after yet another news story, which in this case concerns minors”.

”This decree-law intends to identify an intervention model that will be valid immediately for Caivano and then, on subsequent dates, for the same territory”, but “also for other particularly degraded areas”, provided that “the conditions” are met” , explained the undersecretary to the presidency of the Council, Alfredo Mantovanoassuring that the decree ”was the fruit of a concerted effort by several ministers and their structures”.

Mantovano presented the new commissioner for the redevelopment of the Municipality of Caivano appointed today by the government: “Fabio Ciciliano knows the area very well. Among other things, at the time, he trained as a water polo athlete in the swimming pool of the Caivano…”.

The first article of the so-called Caivano decree ”provides for the establishment of a commissioner structure which will make 30 million euros available for an initial redevelopment of the area and the priority step will be the restoration of the Delphinia sports centre”, which was a ”flagship of the territory before becoming a dumping ground”, said the undersecretary to the Prime Minister.

“We have tried to combine the need to repress juvenile delinquency with that of allowing minors who have committed crimes to be able to find a path that is not only punitive but also re-educational”, said the Minister of Justice, Charles Nordio, in a press conference at Palazzo Chigi after the CDM, adding that with the Caivano decree approved by the CDM “there was no action on the imputability of the minor” because “lowering the limit to 12 years would have been contrary to rationality, ethics and utility and it was not done”. “Preventive warning criteria are envisaged but they have nothing to do with penal repression”, he specified.

Jail for parents who don’t let their children go to school

“As regards the protection of minors, the sanction has been strengthened for parents who do not let their children go to school or withdraw them prematurely – explained Nordio – Until yesterday, this crime of absolute dispersal was punished with a fine, we we have elevated it to the rank of crime with the penalty of imprisonment of up to 2 years. The conditions must exist but we believe that the minor is indirectly helped in his education path”.

Illustrating the innovations introduced by the decree approved by the CDM, the Minister of Justice also explained that “the prosecutor in the event that the criminal conspiracy involves a minor, not necessarily as the perpetrator of a crime or competitor but also as a victim of the situation, must report the situation of hardship to the prosecutor at the Juvenile Court for the adoption of measures. This can be the beginning of parental empowerment as well loss of parental authorityif the prosecutor believes that the conditions exist”.

Urban daspo from 14 years

The ”urban daspo or dacur” can be applied to minors as early as 14 years of age, ”therefore the measure lowers the age threshold for applying the measure also to minors over 14″, explained the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosiat the press conference.

”The provision intervenes on the famous daspo for drug crimes – said Piantedosi – The places where this ban can be foreseen are being expanded, specifying that they can be schools, school complexes, universities, precisely because there is the issue of the commission of these crimes in the vicinity of school and university areas” . ”Moreover, the range of crimes prerequisite for the application of this measure is being expanded”, he added, ”also including the case of simple possession of drugs” and the possibility of extending this prohibition “to the whole province if reasons of particular danger of the subject”.

And then ”there is a tightening of penalties for minor drug dealing which has the effect of strengthening the right to arrest in flagrante delicto for minors and expand the cases of applicability of the prison sentence also for minors over the age of 14”.

Still, ”there is the introduction of the warning for the crime of bullying, the legislation in force provided for it for cyberbullying crimes, therefore we homogenized the legislation”. ”The questore will be able to summon the minor together with the parent or a person exercising parental authority”, she clarified.

Furthermore ”there is the introduction of the new warning measure for minors under the age of 14. This is the only application of an under 14 institution to be found in the legislation. From the age of 12, therefore, the warning of the questore is introduced for minors between the ages of 12 and 14 who commit crimes for which the penalty of imprisonment of not less than a maximum of 5 years is envisaged, such as aggravated theft, aggravated robbery, aggravated damage and serious injuries”. ” At the same time there is the administrative sanction for parents who are subject to a financial administrative sanction which can be imposed by the prefect ”, he added.

Prohibition of possession of mobile phones

Piantedosi explained that the Caivano decree ”allows the questore to propose to the judicial authority the prescription on the use and access to IT platforms as well as the possession and use of telephones and electronic devices”. ”A forecast”, added the minister, ”which I have seen being much discussed in preparation for this decree. We have chosen a formulation that limits the measure to cases in which it becomes necessary with respect to the type of crime committed”.

Parental controls

As for pornographic sites, “we have implemented parental controls”, said the Minister of Family Affairs, Eugenia Rockella. ”We know that all this damages health, creates independence. And not only. Caivano brought it out. Experts tell us that the age for accessing porn sites is 6-7″. We need to intervene ”also through school”, but “primarily through the family, which has an irreplaceable role. We have implemented the parental control. There is a lack of training and information of the family” in this regard, said Roccella.