Caivano, Don Patriciello at the Guardian: “Meloni’s rapid response amazed me”

The parish priest on the prime minister’s intervention after the community had come under the spotlight for the gang rapes of two girls aged 9 and 11: “She really took matters into her own hands”

”His quick response really stunned me. I had met Matteo Renzi and Giuseppe Conte, but the difference with Meloni is that she really took matters into her own hands”. This is how Don Patriciello speaks to the Guardian about the Prime Minister’s intervention in Caivano after the community came under the spotlight in August for the repeated gang rapes of two girls aged nine and 11.

After Meloni visited Caivano, a police operation was launched with hundreds of officers raiding hideouts with drugs, money and weapons linked to the Camorra. Since then Caivano has become the government’s model for saving disadvantaged areas in Italy, recalls the Guardian.

”Caivano has become a symbol – said the priest – but now he could also be a guiding light for all marginalized societies in Italy”. Explaining that now ”the streets are carefully patrolled”, the priest under guard for his commitment to fighting crime on the outskirts of Naples adds that ”however, this alone is not enough to solve the problems: for example, the Social services exist on paper. We have three social workers, but we need at least 20 for such a vast and complex place”.