Caivano rape, Giorgia Meloni: “I welcome Don Patriciello’s invitation, I will go soon”

The prime minister: “No to free zones for crime”. The letter from the family of one of the two raped girls: “Take us away from here”

She will go to Caivano, accepting the invitation addressed to her by the parish priest, Don Patriciello. According to Adnkronos, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni spoke in the Council of Ministers on the dramatic story of the rape of the two young victims – just 10 and 12 years old – which took place in Caivano. “The government’s goal is to clean up the area – her words – her: there are no free zones for crime. I intend to accept Don Patriciello’s invitation to go there, mine will not be a simple visit, we will offer security to the population. The sports center must be restored – the prime minister said during the meeting – and made operational as soon as possible”.


From the family of the eldest of the two cousins ​​raped in Caivano a letter addressed to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“Just as there is a fund that allows collaborators of justice, mafia repentants to change their lives and identities, to start over in safety, at the same time a fund is set up for victims of abuse, for minors, so that they have the concrete possibility to move, to change homes and schools, to embark on a new path together with their families – the family lawyer, the lawyer Angelo Pisani explains to Adnkronos – It is clear that as soon as the child ends the period of stay in the identified structure, he will go home. Ad hoc legislation is needed, otherwise we risk it happening a bit like in the game of the goose, where you leave, come back and nothing changes. The family is terrified of retaliation and they are right to think they can change together, in a place far from where the atrocious violence took place”.

According to Adnkronos, the prefect of Naples has convened the provincial committee for public order and safety on Friday 1 September to take stock of the situation in Caivano and in particular in Parco Verde after the dramatic story of the two raped girls .

In recent years, the territory of Caivano has been constantly monitored by the police force and a series of collaborations have been launched in the area to increase urban safety initiatives also in some areas of the Green Park. However, despite the repeated operations – in 2023 alone there were 225 arrests and 408 complaints in the Municipality, almost all for drug-related crimes – and despite the transformation of the Tenenza dei Carabinieri into the Company (with consequent increase in the workforce to 126 units) , the Municipality has remained hostage to the degradation and Green Park no man’s land.

Among the objectives of the committee, which will also be attended by the prosecutor of Naples and the prosecutor at the Juvenile Court, in addition to the regional school manager, is the signing by several institutional subjects of an integrated security pact that can favor the restoration of legality and livability in a territorial context marked by profound degradation and which has already been the scene of tragic episodes in the more or less recent past, such as that of the rape and murder of little Fortuna Loffredo. Among other things, work is also underway on the hypothesis of transforming part of the abandoned multi-purpose center in which the two girls were abused into a legal gym.