Caivano, Saviano: “Maxi blitz useless propaganda drama”

“The Camorra had plenty of time to secure what shouldn’t be found”

“The Caivano maxi blitz is nothing more than a useless propaganda drama. The maxi blitzes, as happened in Caivano, do not change the fate of a territory, they do not offer redemption, they are operations carried out for pure political propaganda”. Roberto Saviano writes it on social media.

“The government has promised a remediation and instead 400 men, including policemen, carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza, found empty apartments and seized a quantity of money that is only pennies for a drug dealing square. The Camorra had plenty of time to to secure what shouldn’t have been found. Result? Some offenders will go on trial, they will keep armored vehicles on the street for a while pretending to believe they can act as a deterrent… And then, as always, nothing”.

“Tonight, in Caivano, despite the announced blitz, a man was shot in the legs; here, this gives the figure of how much criminal organizations fear government proclamations. It gives the figure of how vain the militarization of these territories is. Premier Meloni and the President of the Campania Region De Luca announce the massive arrival of the forces of order: ‘We will clean up Caivano’, ‘We will go and get them house by house’.And yet, what they should honestly say is that police operations are not never lacking in those territories. What is missing is everything else: all the other, fundamental, manifestations in which a State worthy of being defined as such, makes its presence felt”.