Calabria, Cuban doctors arrive: “The only way not to close hospitals”

Governor Occhiuto: “We no longer have doctors, open-ended competitions gone deserted because the regional health system is not attractive”

The appeal to approx 500 Cuban doctors to address the shortage of specialists in Calabria “It is the only solution to not close the hospitals in the Region, where the competitions to hire white coats have gone deserted. I don’t see any others”. He explains it to Adnkronos Salute Roberto Occhiuto, governor of Calabria that he has signed a agreement with the Government of Cuba to hire, for a fixed term, 497 white coats from the Caribbean island, professionals who will start working in the Region as early as September.

We have huge problems due to a lack of doctors – he adds – in the emergency rooms where there are shifts with only one doctor. At the Polistena hospital, for example, there is a risk of closing a ward every week due to the inability to work shifts. And so are other hospitals: Rossano, Corigliano. It was an inevitable choice “.

The problem of recruiting doctors, continues Occhiuto, “is not only Calabrian. All the regions of Italy have it. There are not enough specialized doctors. All regions have difficulties and Calabria even more because it is a health system which, unfortunately, is not attractive. Our competitions for permanent employment – recalls the governor – have gone deserted; we hired all the trainees up to the third year that could be hired, making use of the opportunities offered by the Calabria decree. And it wasn’t enough anyway. With the opportunity to turn to Cuban doctors, we were the first to choose an alternative path “.

And so, “instead of closing the hospitals due to a shortage of doctors, we did what the country did in emergency conditions during the first Covid phase, when Cuban doctors arrived in Lombardy and Piedmont. The Cuban school is of the highest level. Calabria is in a state of structural emergency due to 12 years of commissioner. In practice, we did the same thing that the Northern Regions did in another emergency. And we will use this system until the vacancies can be filled indefinitely in hospitals. It seems to me a very simple thing “.

Each Cuban doctor, Occhiuto concludes, “will cost 4,700 euros per monthconsider that business spending for each Italian doctor it is 6,700 euros. We will also take care of the accommodation costs. The cooperation agreement is three-year, renewable and fixed-term contracts will be stipulated as long as we need them. In the meantime, we will compete for open-ended recruitment for Italian doctors, I hope from Calabria. We are also studying ways to offer incentives to those who choose to work for Calabrian healthcare “.