Calabria, the Critaro solidarity energy community is underway

The photovoltaic system is fully operational, completed at the beginning of November and connected to the electricity grid on 28 December. Sma Italia and Coneva took part in the project developed by 3E Environment-Energy-Economy

Sma Italia, active in the production of inverters and integrated solutions for the photovoltaic market, and Coneva, an affiliate founded by Sma Solar Technology and specialized in innovative, digital and all-round sustainable energy services, took part in the project Solidarity energy community Critaro in San Nicola da Crissa (Vibo Valentia) developed by 3E Environment-Energy-Economy, Solar Partner of the company.

“We are proud to have actively participated in the development of this energy community, which is useful for society and for the environment – said Valerio Natalizia, CEO of Sma Italia – Investing in clean sources, especially photovoltaics, is one of the ways to react to the expensive energy that affects our country, reducing withdrawals from the network by citizens. We hope for the future that this model of energy self-production will spread more widely in Italy, hoping that its location in a school context will be the symbol of a new generation that is growing sensitive to these issues”.

The Municipality of San Nicola da Crissa, assisted from the beginning and in every phase of the project by 3E Environment-Energy-Economy, has promoted the energy community, making the roof of the school available for the installation of a photovoltaic system. The energy community, established on January 19, 2022, currently has about 20 members, but Giuseppe Condello, who is president of the community and mayor of the locality, aims to expand the number in the coming weeks. The purchase of the plant by the energy community was entirely financed by the Bcc of Calabria Ulteriore – Bcc Iccrea group, with the disbursement of a fifteen-year loan.

The photovoltaic system inaugurated today, completed at the beginning of November and connected to the electricity grid on December 28, is now fully operational. With an output of 66.8 kWp, the plant will power the school’s utilities and share the remaining energy fed into the grid with members of the community. This will translate into savings of 250 euros per year for each member of the energy community and will avoid the emission of 32 tons of CO2 per year, i.e. the amount of emissions that 157 trees would absorb. This first photovoltaic system will be followed by another 5 on as many municipal buildings and at the end of this process the energy community will have about 85 members and will be able to count on a total power of 180 kW.

“For 15 years we have been building ‘turnkey’ medium-sized photovoltaic systems for small and medium-sized enterprises – declared Illuminato Bonsignore, sole director of 3E Environment-Energy-Economy – and now the exclusive know-how acquired in the integral development of the first two renewable and supportive energy communities in Italy, Naples East and San Nicola da Crissa, motivates us to continue in this activity, which involves us not only for the benefits for the environment, but above all for the aspects of social solidarity. Great credit goes to the mayor of San Nicola da Crissa, Giuseppe Condello, who with foresight, enthusiasm and full conviction, immediately embraced our proposal, involving his fellow citizens and obtaining financial support for the development of the company”.