Calciopoli, what Report revealed on 17 April

Bergamo and compensation for damages for illegal investigations. De Santis and Juve’s press blackout

Report dedicates an episode to #Calciopoli and the hashtag flies to Twitter. The Raitre broadcast, on the evening of 17 April, analyzes the genesis and development of the scandal that shook Italian football in 2006, with Juventus relegated to Serie B and deprived of 2 championships, one of which was awarded to Inter, and with the radiation of the black and white management formed by the CEO Antonio Giraudo and the general manager Luciano Moggi.

The broadcast proposes some of the interceptions that characterized the investigation, including some well-known ones. However, elements that have remained untraced up to now also emerge. Before the start of the investigation by the Naples prosecutor’s office, some members ended up in the crosshairs of Telecom security investigations, recalls Report, which “gave rise to requests for compensation for damages. I asked for them too, it’s a confidential matter between me and the court. I’m sure of what I’m saying”, the words of the former arbitration designer Paolo Bergamo. Little known, until today, also a phone call between the referee Massimo De Santis – accused of being organic to the ‘Moggi system’ – and Leonardo Meani, at the time in charge of the referees for Milan. De Santis, after directing the match won 1-0 by Inter against Juve in 2005, on the phone with Meani dwells on Juventus’ complaints about the refereeing: “I had Juve silence the press, but you realize No one had ever succeeded…”.

The broadcast inevitably rekindles the debate that flares up especially on Twitter on the black and white axis. On the one hand the Juve fans, convinced that the Juventus club ended up paying for everyone in a tailor-made scandal on the Old Lady. On the other, the Inter fans, who are claiming the role of ‘injured party’ in a context in which the Milanese company was barred and was not involved in the 2006 sporting proceedings.