Caleb McLaughlin exposes the darker side of his fame in Stranger Things

According to TechRadarthe Serie ranks second on the platform behind the mega-popular horror-thriller show “Squid Game“.

Since its premiere in 2016, each season of “Stranger Things”” has gotten progressively darker, culminating in the most recent release, Season 4.

The final season followed fan-favorite characters Mike Wheeler (finn wolfhard), Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) as they try to save their city from a terrifying monster called neighbor. Because these young actors launched their careers on the show,

According to popsugar, Brown he turned to therapy, as well as his friends and family, for support.

He also limits his use of social media apps, preferring to communicate with fans through blog posts, where “no one can comment.”

Schnapp has stayed grounded by immersing himself in normal teenage stuff like summer jobs and college applications. In June, Wolfhard told AugustMan: “I keep good, nice people around me who are in this for the right reasons and [actúo] for passion and fun [de] this”.

Similarly, Sink told Elle that it’s easier to deal with a strong support system.

As for McLaughlin, he carries a bigger load than the rest of his co-stars.

As the only black member of the group, her status as a teen icon it is complicated by the racism and intolerance he has experienced from fans.

Caleb McLaughlin must deal with racism

At Heroes Comic Con Belgium, Caleb McLaughlin was serious about confronting racism on Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” He explained at the event, “It definitely affected me as a kid.”

The 20-year-old added: “My first Comic-Con, some people didn’t stand in my line because I was black. Even now, some people don’t follow me or support me because I’m black.”

McLaughlin also reflected on the fact that she has fewer Instagram followers than many of her “Stranger Things” co-stars.

Millie Bobby Brown has the most at $58.5 million, while Noah Schnapp has $27.6 million; Caleb McLaughlin has just 15.6 million by comparison.

At age 14, this led McLaughlin to question why he wasn’t as popular, which opened the door to conversations with his parents about racism. Fortunately, McLaughlin chose the right path and aims to use her platform to spread awareness of her situation. “

I want to spread positivity and love because I don’t return hate to people who hate me.”

Unfortunately, McLaughlin’s plight isn’t unique to the industry. Halle Baileywho plays Ariel in Disney’s upcoming adaptation of “The Little Mermaid,” faced racism from toxic fans who expected the titular mermaid to be played by a white star (via vox).

Similarly, Steve Toussaint, aka Lord Corlys in “House of the Dragon,” criticized those who disagreed with his choice. “They’re happy with a flying dragon…but a rich black? That’s beyond limits”jokes with Men’s Health.