Calenda-Picierno, new social round

Sparks on elected women

New question and answer via social media between Carlo Calenda and Pina Picierno. After the sparks on the Richetti case, this time the dialogue via Twitter focuses on the issue of female representation in the newly elected parliamentary groups in the Democratic Party and in the Third Pole. “They shot @MatteoRichetti on the basis of a fake Fanpage scoop. They said that defending against an anonymous slander was male chauvinism. They claimed the role of the PD in promoting women. Now they are silent on the number of elected women. Electoral hypocrisy,” writes Calenda. by copying Picierno in his own Tweet.

The reply of the deputy president of the EU Parliament, of the Democratic Party, takes little time: “You used the Democratic Party as a bus, the EU Parliament as a taxi and now you will not finish your mandate to return to Rome, where you were already a candidate for mayor without then not even go to the city council when you have lost. And you talk about hypocrisy. You “, he always writes on Twitter.

“In government we will have the worst right in recent decades and you continue to be obsessed with the Democratic Party and the Italian progressives. I fear there is a problem of political line, as well as consistency. Good luck,” adds Picierno, always addressing Calenda.