Calenda: the coalition of the Democratic Party is made to lose. Renzi? We will see

“There was an opportunity to make a pact to win. The choice was Letta’s, and I cannot follow a path where my conscience does not lead me,” said the leader of Action.

Carlo Calenda, the leader of Action in half an hour more, on Rai Tre returned to the question of the lack of coalition with the Democratic Party. “Towards Letta there is disappointment for a choice we could have made, there is neither animosity nor condemnation, I expected a little more from him”. Calenda is convinced that the Democratic Party does not have the “courage to represent the Social Democrats” and claims to have informed the secretary dem Letta in time: “He knew that I would not have been in the alliance if it had been signed with Fratoianni, Bonelli and Di Maio”. He had already stated this in an interview with ‘Il Corriere della Sera’. The Democratic Party had the choice between making a group ‘against’ and making a serious political project, in the end it chose the grouping against – he highlights – and the grouping against it will lose “.

“Renzi? We’ll see if there will be convergence”

“I didn’t hear Renzi, but I’ll tell him that as you don’t do right-versus-left politics, you can’t even do it against anyone. We need to explain to the Italians how to govern. I’ll talk to you.” He added Calenda to “Half an hour more”. Asked by the presenter if she saw a converging road, she said: “We will see. In the last two days I have received from the Renzians in contumelias, any choice that does not coincide with that of Renzi is for them a choice of a traitor to the homeland”.