Calenda, ultimatum to Renzi: Third Pole committee convened today on a single party

Appointment at 18.30. “We don’t have any more time to waste”, writes the leader of Action on Twitter. And in an interview with Corriere della Sera he explains: “Renzi refuses to make a commitment to dissolve Italy alive”

“At 18.30 today the Political Committee of the Third Pole is convened for discussion and vote on the proposed constitution of the single party. We don’t have any more time to waste”. As, on Twitter, the leader of the Third Pole Carlo Calenda, with a post that comes the day after a day of tensions, remittances of responsibility and fears between Matteo Renzi’s party and that of Calenda himself. No break on the Third Pole and single party – “let alone”, “the line does not change”, they reassured at the end of the day -. But the controversy of the last few hours on Italia Viva and Action shows no signs of abating.

Calenda: “Renzi refuses to dissolve Italy alive”

“Renzi refuses to make the commitment to dissolve Italy alive when the new party is born and is blocking every step forward on the road to a single party,” Calenda said in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “I have the impression that he wants to block everything until the European Championships, delaying every decision and then we will see him waiting for the knight’s next move. Unlike Renzi, we all work 25 hours a day on this party together with Elena Bonetti, with whom I an excellent relationship. But our project cannot depend on a person who does something else 90% of his time and who occasionally comes back and says “no, we don’t do it like this, we do it there” and dismantles all the work done”, he explained the leader of Action. “In any case, Azione will continue to build the house of the reformists, the liberal democrats and the popular with those who want to work seriously on this project. I repeat, seriously”, Calenda then clarified.

Boschi: “Lightning from the blue”

Divorce between Renzi and Calenda? “So it seems, even if for all of us it was a bolt from the blue”, declares the deputy of Italia viva Maria Elena Boschi interviewed by Courier. “No one understands why Calenda suddenly changed his mind” about the single-party project, he says. Boschi then guarantees that “even the Action colleagues were amazed”. “This choice of Carlo’s doesn’t even convince his parents because it lacks motivation”.