California, she sleeps in the park, a gardener passes with a lawnmower and overwhelms her: 27-year-old died

Tragedy in California, in the United States, where a 27-year-old girl, Christine Chavez, died in Beard Brook Park in Modesto after being run over by a gardener’s lawn mower. The man who was driving the vehicle did not notice the young, homeless and mother of a 9-year-old girl, who was sleeping on the grass and was unable to avoid the dramatic epilogue. According to reconstructions reported by the New York Post, the accident occurred last July 8 around noon, when an employee riding a John Deere tractor with a towed lawn mower was sweeping the area. The unidentified worker said he didn’t see the sleeping woman until he “noticed her tattered body in the grass,” Modesto police said. The employee called the 911 services who were unable to do anything but ascertain the death of the young woman.

Family allegations

The victim’s family members also accuse the worker and the authorities of negligent handling of the woman’s remains. “They left big chunks of my sister all over the place, just covered by the grass,” the victim’s sister Rosalinda told Fox 40, according to whom this lack of attention is attributable to the fact that the woman was a homeless woman. “He didn’t deserve it – commented 33-year-old Randy Chavez, the victim’s older brother – My sister was loved, but she wanted to be free. We want the laws to change so that it doesn’t happen again. Regardless of whether they are clochards, they should be treated like any other person.” Christine’s family members have launched a fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform to help cover legal and funeral expenses.