California, the deceased will be able to be turned into compost from 2027

It has a low environmental impact, provides fertilizer to the earth and runs out within a month. We are talking about a new method of burial alternative to the classic one or to cremation, and it will be introduced in California. It is called “terramation” and consists in the organic reduction of the human body on the soil. The procedure involves that the remains of the person are placed in a steel container and covered with biodegradable material. A decomposition of the deceased “much more ecological than the others, since it does not contribute to polluting emissions in our atmosphere”, declares the ecologist Cristina Garcia, one of the supporters of the new legislation. “Fires, extreme droughts, heat waves remind us that climate change is taking place and we must do everything possible to limit methane and carbon dioxide emissions,” she writes in a tweet. In Italy it is not yet possible to do this, while in America it is gaining momentum.

Human composting, a 90% greener disposal method

The state of California has just passed the law that will allow this alternative, completely ecological burial method to be applied from 2027. The funeral service company prepares the body in an airtight coffin made of perishable material with a mix of alfalfa and sawdust, so that the organic compounds retain the heat necessary to ensure decomposition. The process ends within a month and avoids the use of ovens, also cutting the energy consumption that cremation entails. The Human composting can be considered a 90 percent greener method of disposal. This is explained by Micah Truman, director of the American funeral services company “Return Home:” to burn a body with traditional cremation methods, which require up to 650 ° C of temperature, about 135 liters of fuel are needed to then enter the atmosphere 245 kg of CO2“. The resulting organic material is then used as fertilizer for vegetable gardens and gardens.