Call My Agent – Italy, Pierfrancesco Favino sings as Che Guevara in the TV series

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There are those who immerse themselves too much in the character they play, no longer finding a way to “come back to themselves”, and those who, off the set, are perhaps too much themselves. It is the daily life of the CMA, the actors’ management agency told in Call My Agent – Italy, and its talents. Between shock therapies and unpredictable tricks, the CMA agents will find the solution. For the good of their clients, of course, but also for the good of the agency. And as usual there will be lots to laugh in the new episodes available from tomorrow. Don’t believe it? Watch the clip at the top of this article to get a taste.

The guest stars of the new episodes

Pierfrancesco Favino & Anna Ferzetti and Matilda De Angelis are the guest stars of the third and fourth episode of the Sky Original series produced by Sky Studios and Palomar on the backstage of the world of entertainment, from tomorrow Friday 27 January exclusively on Sky and in streaming only on NOW. In the new episodes, directed by Luca Ribuoli and written by Lisa Nur Sultan (the fourth in collaboration with Federico Baccomo), Pierfrancesco Favino struggles to abandon the accent (and not only that) of Che, which he has just played in a series which he just doesn’t seem to be able to get out of. Anna Ferzetti, his daughters and even the housekeeper are very worried about him, who is among other things among the most awaited guests of the most prestigious ceremony in Italian cinema, that of the David di Donatello. Piera Detassis, President and Artistic Director of the Fondazione Accademia del Cinema Italiano, will play herself, introducing David Favino to the stage, in an evening that will also see the participation of Joe Bastianich and the very young – but already very busy – Federico Ielapi .

Matilda De Angelis, on the other hand, will find herself the victim of a media storm after one of her ironic posts will be misunderstood. While fans and haters are inflamed on the web, her having exposed herself without filters on social media will become really problematic when the production of a film in which she stars feels obliged to distance herself from the actress. But the troubles aren’t over, because as if that weren’t enough, she also sees a video that sees her involved in a passionate discussion with a neighbor …


Michele Di Mauro, Sara Drago, Maurizio Lastrico and Marzia Ubaldi return to interpret the CMA agents, all grappling with tragicomic problems to be solved in each episode. With them the assistants played by Sara Lazzaro, Francesco Russo, and Paola Buratto. And with Kaze in the role of Sofia, the agency’s receptionist, and Emanuela Fanelli in that of one of the most “extravagant” actresses represented by the agency.


Anna Ferzetti, her daughters and even the governess are very worried about Pierfrancesco Favino: he has identified himself too much in the last role and now he is no longer able to get out of it. It’s up to Lea (Sar Drago) to find a solution with a shock therapy that allows him to participate in the David’s evening and project himself in the next film. Meanwhile, at the CMA, the agents have to deal with the arrival of the Guardia di Finanza and begin to look at Sofia (Kaze) with different eyes.

It is also the first day of filming on the set of a western film for Matilda De Angelis, but a very stupid post published on social networks generates a media storm that threatens to sink her career and the entire CMA. While Vittorio (Michele Di Mauro) tries to figure out if it’s more convenient to try to put a patch on it or abandon ship, Gabriele (Maurizio Lastrico) manages to turn the situation around by proposing an “exchange”. Meanwhile, Lea makes inroads into the heart of the beautiful financier.