Callipo: “No hesitation despite intimidation, we must move forward and report”

After the shots fired outside one of the group’s factories, the entrepreneur complains: “Unfortunately in Calabria it’s everyone’s turn, we too have had other ‘attentions’ in the past but we have to stay put”

“These are actions that here in Calabria unfortunately affect everyone in cycles, we too have had several of these attentions in past years but we must have the determination to move forward, to overcome them”. This was stated by Pippo Callipo, president of the Callipo Group, commenting with Adnkronos on the intimidation suffered last Saturday, at night, when some shots were fired in front of the S. Pietro Lametino warehouse (Lamezia Teme). “What I always advise young entrepreneurs is that you need to have two roads ahead: the road that faces the police station or the road that goes to the Carabinieri barracks. You must not take shortcuts or find alternative solutions because it would be the end of the entrepreneur and the company” underlines Callipo.

“I have been moving in this direction for over fifty years, I hope that my children will do the same thing – adds Callipo – We must have the courage to move forward and denounce these things, not keep them secret”. “I have almost 500 employees who love me, who love the company and their work and this gives me the strength to move forward, to continue moving around the various offices and factories. I have no hesitations in this regard” maintains the owner at the head of the food group that exports tuna all over the world.

The structure did not suffer any damage, shots were fired in the air “there are no holes to be seen on the building, I presume it was a demonstration to say ‘look you can put the security guards but we are always there, we pass in front and shoot ‘” specifies Pippo Callipo who, in the past, combined his activity as an entrepreneur with that of a politician. At the time of the incident there was an armed security guard, who carries out night duty and who heard two shots right in front of Callipo’s warehouse. However, “it leaves a bitter taste also because there is a video surveillance system in the industrial area that doesn’t work due to lack of maintenance and attention. So, these people move calmly because they know that they cannot be intercepted. In front There are four cameras on our surrounding wall but they don’t work. We are abandoned.”

This morning the company quietly resumed operations. “My workers are braver than me, this morning they showed up at 7.30 for work – says the owner of the company – There is currently an ongoing police investigation and this morning we also had a visit from the Carabinieri “. The last intimidation against Callipo occurred three years ago, when 11 gunshots were fired in front of the gate, but the news tells of two other episodes previously. It is presumed that they are warnings of mafia origin: “I assume, but they took the wrong path” concludes Callipo.