Caltanissetta, stabs boyfriend and pierces his lung: arrested

For the woman, handcuffs were released on charges of attempted murder. The two had told investigators that they had been attacked by three immigrants

At the height of an argument he allegedly chased his partner and stabbed him, puncturing his lung. Now handcuffs have been released for a woman in Caltanissetta on charges of attempted murder. The agents of the flying squad yesterday carried out a precautionary custody order in prison issued by the investigating judge of Caltanissetta at the request of the local prosecutor’s office. The investigations were triggered last June when the companion of the suspect was taken by some friends by car to the emergency room of the Sant’Elia hospital for several stab wounds to the back, one of which had punctured his lung. Here the doctors had operated on him urgently, saving his life. The woman was also forced to resort to medical care and both had provided the same version.

Police investigators were told that they had been attacked for trivial reasons by three non-EU citizens, after a few too many appreciations for the woman. A story that did not convince the men of the Flying Squad and the Flying Squad with the inspection by the Scientific Police which gave substance to the first doubts about the version provided by the two. The subsequent investigative activity, with the discovery of the knife probably used for the attempted murder, made it possible to collect “serious indications of guilt” against the man’s partner. According to investigators, the woman, after a violent quarrel at home, would have chased her boyfriend outside the house, reaching him in a public garage where she would have stabbed him several times.

Among the elements of the story of the couple that have not found a match there is also the crime scene that the two indicated and which was found to be free of traces of blood, unlike the parking lot and the house where the investigators have collected “multiple and concordant elements” which would confirm that the attack took place there. Even the interceptions, promptly activated, made it possible to acquire useful elements. The woman was taken to prison where she will remain at the disposal of the judicial authority.