Camera, Mr Trano appeals: “Green pass is not needed”

The deputy of Alternativa: “Better the swab, vaccine attenuates but does not immunize from the virus”

“The green pass is not needed, the buffer is better”. Raffaele Trano, deputy of Alternativa and former M5S, is among the honorable members who have appealed against the obligation to green pass in the Chamber. “Almost all of us from Alternativa presented it,” he explains to Adnkronos. “Indeed we have presented two: one to the organs of the Chamber as regards us parliamentarians and one to the Constitutional Court for all workers”.

But just today that the positives (4 deputies, ed) return to Montecitorio, perhaps the green pass would not be useful to keep asking those who enter the building? “The green pass is not needed. There is scientific evidence that vaccines attenuate but do not immunize against the virus.” So what? If you don’t get vaccinated, are you also less immunized or not? “It is much more effective to swab. Only in this way can you be sure that you have not contracted the virus. And our proposal is that of free swabs for everyone”.

“And then, what sense does it make to ask for a green pass to enter workplaces, if I have just come out of the metro, where we traveled without distancing and without anyone asking me for anything? The green pass only did damage”. Now you may find yourself voting for the ‘super green pass’ in the classroom, what will you do? “They can also do the Marvel green pass but we will go on, this is our battle. The government was wrong.”