Camera, Pivetti: “If Fico intends to work, why give up? Let’s finish it with rhetoric dispossession”

“Without counting in anyone’s pocket, I believe that these tools, also known as ‘benefits’, are envisaged to safeguard democracy because either one is really very rich or one needs the means to do their job, especially if they are of a very high profile”. So at the Adnkronos the former president of the Chamber Irene Pivetti on the reaction of the former speaker of the Chamber Roberto Fico against those who accused him of not respecting the principles of the party by deciding not to give up his office in Montecitorio.

“If Fico intends to work, why should he give up? He is not retaining an asset for his own benefit, but is maintaining the use of the tools to carry out his function – reiterates Pivetti – His is a completely logical and democratic choice. this trite rhetoric of expoliation. As if this were virtue. I don’t think so. ”

To those who accused him of not renouncing the benefits, Fico replied with this post on Facebook: “I gave up 300 thousand euros of office allowance in just under five years, in addition to 130 thousand euros which I renounced as President of Rai Supervision . And in recent years I have returned more than 300 thousand euros of my salaries to the community. For a total of over 700 thousand euros. And now – he continues – as a former President of the Chamber, as is right, I will not be entitled to any indemnity, any per diem and any reimbursement expenses, but only to an office in the Chamber for a limited time, as required by the Montecitorio rules “. (by Roberta Lanzara)