Cami Gallardo, more beautiful than ever, teaches fashion classes in a tight swimsuit

More than ten days ago The Voice Chile came to an end, with Cami Gallardo as part of the jury. “Today we end this intense and beautiful stage. My first time as a coach, reconnecting with a program that saw me born and that was an important part of my history as an artist. Today, from the chair I enjoy your talents and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your love and dedication, you made this experience a beautiful place of enjoyment, learning and joy “wrote the artist on August 3.

To be part of The Voice again, to Cami It reminded him a lot of his beginnings, where he won second place in the popular reality show. From there, she rose to fame and signed with Universal Music. The artist in 2015 was only 17 years old. The singer Luis Fonsi became one of her mentors and coaches.

Recently Cami He spoke again about the Puerto Rican singer: “It was very important at the beginning of my career because it guided me and introduced me to many people that I had to meet at that time in order to be ordained.” And he confessed: “I keep in touch with him and his wife, I love them very much and they are a wonderful family. Fonsi is an artist that I greatly admire, he has many years of career, knowledge and musical wisdom”.

Cami Gallardo from the beach. Source: Instagram @elcaosdeanastasia

Since mid-July, the singer created a personal account of Instagram called “@elcaosdeanastasia” which already has more than 8,000 followers. There he publishes personal photographs and not of his shows. In the last few hours, the artist shared two photos of her on the beach wearing a tight yellow swimsuit.

Cami Gallardo in a swimsuit. Source: Instagram @elcaosdeanastasia

An emoji of an orange was the simple epigraph that he used Gallant for your post. The publication exceeded 3,500 likes and 220 comments. “How cute you are”, “Hermosita I love you” and “so cute my little girl” were just some of all the compliments she received.