Cami Gallardo: this is the singer’s level of studies

Chilean singer Cami Gallardo 25 years old is one of the most listened to and followed artists in the region. She uses her social networks where she accumulates more than two million followers from all over the world to make contact with her virtual fandom and tell her about her personal and professional news.

Cami Gallardo. Source: Terra file

For next year Cami Gallardo He will return to the stage in his native country and will also premiere a new song, which is part of the future album, something that has already excited his fans who do not take their eyes off him and want to know everything about his life.

Cami Gallardo. Source: Terra file

The way he made Cami Gallardo In order to become the established artist that she is today, it was not easy at all, she worked hard to earn a place in the world of music. Many of his followers wonder on the network how was his adolescence and also how was his training.

This is Cami Gallardo’s level of studies

The truth is Cami Gallardo He completed his secondary studies in his hometown, Viña del Mar and immediately devoted everything to music. “I did not get to enter the university. My career is being my best school,” the singer recently confessed in an interview she gave to the press.

Cami Gallardo. Source: instagram @cami

Too Cami Gallardo He said that he discovered his musical vocation at the age of 6 playing the flute and that his artistic references are Mercedes Sosa, Cerati, Queen, Prince, Violeta Parra. His favorite song is “Purple Rain” by Prince and his favorite Chilean food is Japanese.