Cami Gallardo took all eyes with tight body

cami gallardo He is only 26 years old and has all the energy to provide countless shows to his followers. That is why a few days ago he announced a summer tour that made his followers more than happy. “Swipe to travel with me” he proposed along with all the dates and places where he will perform.

last january 15 cami He was in Talagante, on the 27th Puerto Aysen and on the 31st the emblematic city of Viña del Mar. The month of February includes seven dates: Peñaflor on the 4th, Pemuco on the 14th (Love’s Day), Pucón Enjoy on the 17th, Mostazal on the 18th and 20 Coquimbo Enjoy. On the 25th it will be presented at the emblematic Santiago Chilean Wey festival and on the 26th at the same festival but in Concepción.

Finally, in the month of March cami It will only have two performances. On the 19th she will perform at Lollapalooza Argentina where she will share the stage with artists like Rosalía, Blink-182, Billie Eilish, among others. Finally, on March 24, the renowned artist will be in Curicó offering her music to her fans.

Cami summer tour dates. Source: Instagram @cami

Those who were not so happy with the announcement of cami were his international fans. “I’m still waiting for the date in Colombia”, “CAMILAAAAA and Mexico?????”, “BRASIL LOVES YOU”, “Come to the DR” and “more dates abroad? Please…” were just some of the claims of his followers outside of Chile.

Cami Gallardo getting ready for the tour. Source: Instagram @cami

This past Monday, the interpreter of ‘Monstruo’ made a publication of instagram titled “on tour tour tour”. The singer posed in a tight nude bodysuit and green-black leggings. She’s probably rehearsing hard for concerts. “BELLISIMAAAAA! COME TO ANTOFAAAAA I NEED CHAOS HERE” and “When another Movistar full of chaos?” were some of the messages from her fans.

Cami Gallardo paralyzed the network with a tight body. Source: Instagram @cami