Camila Nash broke out the swimsuit trend

Camila Nash, known for her presence on the program “Calle 7”, has been giving a lot in terms of what to talk about lately, due to her kiss and impact on social networks. Nash had been experiencing success in many areas of her life since she moved to Success City in August of the previous year.

Camila Nash uploaded a story to his instagram Wearing a black swimsuit in the pool, this image left all her followers speechless and became another trend that has gained popularity on social networks. In addition, Nash has expanded his professional career and has ventured into the world of nightlife as an “Image Model.”

Camila Nash. Source: Instagram @caminashcl

In his own words, he sums up “they pay you to ride and have a good time.” Her job as an image model consists of attracting clients to nighttime locations. Camila He revealed that the first time he became interested in this field of work was through Instagram.

Nash He enjoys the flexibility that the job offers him since it allows him to enjoy himself while coordinating his work with a girl who recommended him, although he has the option of selecting how many days a week he wants to work.

In conclusion, Camila In addition to being satisfied with her new job in Mexico, she is still active on her social networks sharing stories on Instagram in a swimsuit that highlights her beauty and confidence.