Camilla: “Ex-Stasi says that after an end there is always a new beginning”

With a clever play on words that mixes Ex-Stasi and Ecstasy, Camilla Pandozzi takes us into his world with a new song. Using a layering of tones, combined with electropop vibes, Ex-Stasi it turns out to be a special sound journey. The song talks about the need to let go of the other when they stop being the source of your happiness. It is an emotional experience that can awaken the deepest feelings and resonate with personal life experiences.

Camilla let’s start from the story of Ex-Stasi: when you wrote it was it because you identified it as the single of the autumn?

It’s particular, it’s different from other things in my past because when he was born I broke up with my boyfriend. I had anger and overlapping emotions. I made a song on it in collaboration with Alessandro Gigli and the producer Cosmo Masiello.
We can consider this finished relationship the epilogue of “cursed scenario” of Time, that where then “everything is revealed”?

In fact it is a sort of sequel and it happened exactly like that even if unconsciously, in the end everything is connected, I add unfortunately or not badly, because after an end there is always a new beginning.
And speaking of Time, what relationship do you have with time? Are you an on-time girl or do you live in your own world? In #Love you say that you happen to stay out of time.
I am in love with love, I like to love and be loved. When I love I forget about reality. I like to give everything I can to those I love. This also applies to music. I lose track of time but I don’t waste time. Personally I do many things every day, some say it’s too much but not for me, I need to feel busy. Then I dedicate myself to sports: I’ve done them all and at a competitive level I practice windsurfing, I’m a professional. The next steps will be pole dancing and hip hop dancing.
How is it between “clouds and thoughts”?

It depends on the situations, sometimes you want to escape, other times you want to fly.
For the video of Ex-Stasi you chose animation with clear Manga references: why?

I used Artificial Intelligence. I grew up with technology, my mother keeps me updated, in the family we are passionate about technology. My video, due to the technique used, is among the first in Italy.
You use Italian and English in the same song, while in Caminos you use Spanish: do you often think about the foreign record market?

I like it a little and I think about abroad a little. I recently discovered that I am half Spanish and speak it like a second language. I love English and I’m studying it, I’m improving, it’s a musical language.
“All I have is thinking of the two of us” you sing in Light sculptures: Is it difficult to be romantic in the social media season?

I am very much so but on social media, unlike the songs where I lay myself bare, I remain more reserved because they have become dangerous: a sentence can be misrepresented, careers on social media are destroyed.
For more in #Love you say that “loving is a small detail that should never be overlooked”: do you think you are part of a generation that struggles to talk about love? Do you think social media makes everything more liquid? That is, less romantic?

I think this a little because with social media the sense of love has been lost and in fact we go too much on social media where we don’t see the truth. You no longer say “do you want to go out with me”, but ask for the Instagram account: instead you have to talk and communicate. Plus there must be respect. I want a real person by my side.
I’ve noticed that your hair often changes shape and color: do you already have the next transformation in mind?

For a while the green braids will remain, because together with black it is the color that makes me feel at ease. I can’t tell you when but sooner or later I will change the color of the braids.
I read some comments on your Youtube channel. One of the most frequent is that it goes straight to the heart: it is a satisfaction but also a responsibility because expectations are always higher. Are you aware of it?

It is a huge responsibility, I am aware of it and I will do my utmost to get straight to people’s hearts. It’s wonderful when they tell you… you’ve got me, especially when it comes to music. If I don’t convey emotions it’s my fault and then it’s better to do another job.
In the end we can say that you have stopped listening to all those voices you talk about Instruments and what do they want to stop you?
They do not exist anymore. In conclusion, the less you listen to him, the less depressed you become.
What will happen in the next few weeks?

I have other songs to record and important projects including one that will develop in the coming months and involves a collaboration with Beppe Carletti of Nomadi: there are two generations to unite. Then I continue to participate in competitions because they are an important showcase.