Camilo and Evaluna Montaner revealed when they will show Indigo’s face

The singer Camilo Echeverry The 28-year-old has just released his new album called DAPA ‘Inside pa’ outside’ and it is the most intimate of his career. These days he promotes the material on his social networks to his more than 27 million followers from all corners of the world.

His wife Evaluate Montaner It also helps to promote the new record material on the network and in this context, it opened up questions from its fans in its Instagram stories, where it is very popular. The truth is that the huge virtual fandom of the couple is attentive to every detail of their lives, but especially to everything that happens with Indigo.

There is a detail and it is that since Indigo was born, the first daughter of Evaluna and Camilo, they have not shown their face publicly and the fans are more than anxious. For this reason, now a fan asked Ricardo Montaner’s daughter when she will show the face of the heiress.

Evaluna and Camilo reveal a fact about Indigo. Source: instagram @evaluna

Eva Luna He took the subject calmly and replied that he will do it when the girl herself decides, since with Camilo They want to respect their autonomy. This news did not sit well with the fans since they will have to continue waiting indefinitely for the long-awaited photo of Indigo.

Camilo and Evaluna. Source: Terra archive

Among other things, fans of Eva Luna They consulted details of his life such as how many tattoos he has on his body and what the last one on his neck means. They also wanted to know why she spends so much time away from social networks and when she will release a movie with Camilo.