Camilo seeks help to be a good father and reveals a detail about his daughter Indigo

Since the birth of his daughter Índigo, the Colombian singer Camilo has shared his experience as a new father with his millions of followers on social networks. However, despite having shown his father’s side from the beginning, Camilo has recognized that he needs help to become a good father.

On social networks, various topics have arisen about Camilo’s paternity, from supporting Evaluna’s decision to have Índigo in her house, through an underwater birth, to naming the girl with a neutral name. to respect your choice of gender identity in the future.

All of this has generated controversy around Índigo’s gender identity, although both Camilo and Evaluna have made it clear that they want to keep their identity a secret to protect it from criticism and insults on social media.

Despite her desire to protect her daughter from media exposure, the paparazzi have managed to capture some images of Indigo.

Although Camilo and Evaluna do not show their daughter’s face, they do share some details of their day-to-day life on social networks, such as their outdoor activities, which include playing barefoot in their garden in Miami.

In a video shared on social networks, Camilo shows Indigo’s dirty feet and makes a very particular request: “someone who teaches me how to be a dad.”

The publication has generated reactions on social networks, where users have discussed the importance of wearing shoes and have praised Camilo and his daughter’s decision to go barefoot.