‘Campania Festival’ between Cappuccio’s Don Quixote and Davide Sacco’s Napoleon

Two absolute premieres, tomorrow and Wednesday, at the Mercadante and Politeama theaters in Naples: the ‘Circus Don Quixote’ directed by Antonio Latella and ‘The death of a God’ with Lino Guanciale

An absolute premiere, tomorrow, al Campania Theater Festivalwith the show ‘Circus Don Quixote’ Of Roger Hood – who is the artistic director of the festival – directed by Antonio Latellarepresented at Mercadante theater in Naples and also repeated on Wednesday, in the same room. The show, interpreted by Marco Cacciola and Michelangelo Dalisi, also inspired the image of the festival, signed by the artist Mimmo Paladin. “What if time didn’t exist? What if time were just an invention of men to accept the word end?”, one wonders in the director’s notes.

Two men flee from themselves to meet another self, in places of the mind, in places inhabited only by words and languages. “There is not a servant and a master, there is not an intellectual and a man of the people, there is only one man who knows how to be both men, both possibilities that life has given: one through literature that becomes life, the other through life that becomes literature – he observes Antonio Latella – Being cultured and being wonderfully ignorant are two sides of the same coin.”

Thus, two existences meet in a landfill, “where the landfill can only be a great metaphor for that place that is before the beginning of that ‘divine comedy’ which is life itself, a place where hope is left behind, because hoping no longer makes sense”. For Antonio Latella, “the greatest gift that has been given to us is the word, of the word we have made our eternal journey. Each letter of the alphabet is a station of our being in the world”. Also because, as he says Don chisciotte in the text of Roger Hood evoked starting from the title itself, “a book is written from scratch every time, when it is re-read with love from scratch”.

The following theatrical evening, proposed by the bill of ‘Campania Festival’, will then move as a setting to France, placed before the memory of a man, who was its emperor, who profoundly marked its national history and geopolitical influence throughout Europe between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century, with reflections also on the contemporary world. It is the scenario in which he moves ‘Napoleon – The Death of a God’work written and directed by Davide Sacco, which will see as the protagonist Pillow linenpremiering Wednesday at Politeama theater in Naples.

Reading a diary takes on the dimension of a historical essay, inspired by the dramaturgical work of Davide Sacco, who has already directed Pillow linen flanked by Francis Montanari in his ‘Cruelest Man Alive’ for the theater season that just ended. The story is set in Paris on December 15, 1840: twenty years have passed since Napoleon’s death, but only on this very cold winter day are his remains allowed to return home and be buried in the church of Les Invalides. And among the crowd who flocked to attend the funeral, there is also a young man Victor Hugowhich from the chronicle will draw a real essay.

Starting from the words of the scholar, the director David Sacco deals with the theme of the death of fathers, writing and rewriting with Victor Hugo a text on what unites men in the moment of loss. “We build a polyphonic journey on the absence of heroes, divinities, fathers – explains the author in the director’s notes – The actor plays a son who has lost his father: perhaps Napoleonmaybe a Godmaybe just a man… A parallel path between the construction of pain and who really feels it, between the staging of suffering and who suffers”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)