Can Yaman, incredible background: what he graduated in before he became famous

Do you know what Can Yaman graduated from? Before becoming famous he followed an important course of study.

He is the actor of the moment, Can Yaman has been living in Italy for more than a year, engaged in major television projects. After the success achieved thanks to the Turkish soap operas aired in our country and in many others, the popularity has grown more and more and today everyone knows it.

Can Yaman, graduate (credits. Instagram)

The very first series broadcast, you will remember, is Bitter Sweet-Ingredienti D’amore which has kept thousands of Italians glued to the television. The actor played the lead character Ferit Aslan and was joined by Orge Gurel as Nazli. From 2017 he began to get great fame almost everywhere and this was accentuated even more with the airing of a new series that saw him protagonist, Daydreamer-The wings of the dream, followed by Mr. Wrong- Lessons Love. These series made him so famous that he was subsequently requested for other projects far from Turkey.

In Italy he began by filming the commercial for pasta de Cecco which saw him alongside the actress Claudia Gerini. In recent months he has been busy shooting the series Viola come il mare with Francesca Chillemi. It should go on air in the autumn season since, as the two actors have made known on social media, the recordings have ended. Can Yaman became famous as an actor but before that he had taken a completely different path, do you know what he graduated in?

Can Yaman, do you know what he graduated from? He completed his studies before becoming an actor

Can Yaman is very busy in Italy with many new projects; he recently announced the end of the shooting of the Viola come il mare series, which we will see in the autumn season in which he plays the role of police inspector Francesco Demir.

He is joined by Francesca Chillemi who plays the journalist Viola. He became famous thanks to the Turkish series that saw him protagonist, starting from Bitter Sweet-Ingredients of love, Daydreamer-The wings of the dream and Mr. Wrong-Lessons of love. Since he arrived in Italy he has always been very busy, in fact in 2021 we saw him in a cameo in the series Che Dio us 6, in the role of the bartender Gino, even before that he had acted alongside Claudia Gerini in the advertising for pasta. De Cecco and in the same year he made it known that he had signed a contract as the protagonist in the reboot of the cult series of the eighties, Sadokan. A career that seems to take increasingly uphill paths. He actually started working in a completely different environment: do you know what he graduated in?

Can yaman graduate
Can Yaman, graduate (credits: instagram)

After attending the Italian high school in Istanbul, Can Yaman enrolled at the university, graduating in Law in 2012. Only after a few months did he choose to devote himself to his passion, acting.