Can Yaman launches a fundraising project for troubled teenagers

The Turkish actor: ”The ‘Break the Wall Tour’ is underway to break down the wall of silence”. In the meantime, he continues the initiative for Turkey

Break down the wall of silence and the loneliness behind which the boys have hidden to escape their discomfort, especially post pandemic”. This is the goal of the project launched by Can Yamanthe Turkish actor born in Istanbul who, through his charity ‘Can Yaman for Children’, throw one fundraiser which is added to the one started a few weeks ago for i earthquake victims in Turkeyto help the troubled teenagers. The titled event ‘Break the Wall Tour’ it is a real tour on the national territory, which also involves some venues such as bars and nightclubs. Being a teenager in 2023 and rediscovering sociality after a long period of forced closure is not easy. The absence of confrontation and integration, combined with the consequent development of a technological dependence, have generated completely harmful dynamics of alienation and isolation whose first victims were precisely the youngthe. In January 2023 Can Yaman, protagonist of successful TV series, asked his staff to organize, through his Association ‘Can Yaman for Children’, an event dedicated precisely to teenagers. To obtain concrete results, the Association has received the sponsorship of the Institute of Child Neuropsychiatry in Rome, a center of international excellence, founded by Professor Bollea in the 1970s.

The hospital structure needs concrete help that makes it more hospitable and suitable for welcoming and helping young people in their process of growth and overcoming difficulties. For this reason, the Association has decided to donate to the Institute of Child neuropsychiatry the funds raised during the tour of the Turkish actor and model. Yaman inaugurated his project on March 9 by visiting the Umberto I Polyclinic of Rome and immediately after he started his ‘Break the Wall Tour’ on the national territory, also involving some locals who have chosen to help the kids by joining the initiative. First stop on the tour tonight at ‘Fell in Love’ disco in Pogliano Milanese in via Chaniac 20010 ( Inside the venue the actor will meet i youth and fanswill address them with the aim of supporting them and helping them to face and overcome with ‘lightness’, but above all intelligence and awareness, the difficulty of their life for ”a different and more inclusive world is possible” argues Yaman, and the future of adolescents is built with encounters and exchanges, never with isolation. The starting point is precisely the premises, the primary meeting place of the young teenagers and a starting point from which to work to support social awareness initiatives. The actor will take his tour to venues across the nation and meet with young teens to deliver his message and raise money for his campaign. After Pogliano Milanese, on March 18 Yaman will be at discotheque ’24 Mila Baci’ in Latina (Via dei Cappuccini, 16).