Can Yaman strikes again: splendid news for the beloved actor

Can Yaman, the beloved actor leaves everyone stunned: the wonderful news literally drives fans crazy, what happened

A boundless success what he achieved in the Bel Paese, Can Yaman has conquered audiences throughout Italy and beyond the world as a leading actor in the soap Better Sweet-Ingredients of love and Daydreamer together with the beautiful Demet Ozdemir.

Can Yaman, the news leaves everyone stunned (Credits: Instagram)

The Turkish actor and model has made his way into the world of entertainment becoming one of the most loved television faces to date. In Italy the actor has been the protagonist of several gossip titles for his love flirts and in particular for the intense love story with Diletta Leotta.

Next autumn, alongside the beloved Francesca Chillemi, Can Yaman will be the protagonist of a brand new all-Italian fiction, Viola come il Mare. But even before autumn, another great news it’s about the beloved actor: Can Yaman strikes again! Here’s what we found out.

Can Yaman, the beloved actor amazes everyone: wonderful news

If in Italy he has reached the heights of success, it cannot be said that in his motherland Can Yaman is one of the most well-known and coveted faces in the world of entertainment. The incredible news leaves fans speechless, Can Yaman lands on Disney Channel Plus, on the Turkish channel.

Just two days ago, Disney Plus made its debut in Turkey. The channel cannot fail to have one of the most loved faces in the world of entertainment as its protagonist and for this Can Yaman will be the protagonist of a series that is soon to go on the air, El Turco.

can yaman news
(Credits: Instagram)

Filming will begin this summer, and the news has sent fans of the beloved actor into a tailspin who will take part in this new project in his homeland.

What the El Turco series is about

Set in the 5th century, it tells the story from the novel El Turco by Orhan Yeniaras. It is about the attack on the city of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire. Can Yaman will play the role of a Turkish soldier who managed to escape death after the counter-offensive response by the Austrian army. The protagonist finds refuge in a small town of Moena and finds incredible hospitality from the locals who are helpful and friendly.