Can you recognize them? Here is Fiorello and Amadeus in an old video: you will be speechless

This video of Fiorello and Amadeus is really very old. The two friends worked together and were two kids: that’s what they did

They get called Amarellothe mix between Amadeus And Fiorello. They are one of the most loved television couples by the public, friends for many years, always able to give viewers a few hours of lightness and joy. Fiorello Rosary And Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastiani – this is the full name of the TV presenter – they took their first steps in the world of entertainment together, when they made their debut at Radio Deejay.

Amadeus Fiorello laugh together (credit: Instagram) – Sologossip

The two met right in the studies of the Lombard radio verso the end of the 80s and a deep friendship was immediately born that has survived to this day. Along with them there were also other characters who would make important careers, such as Young people, Max Pezzali And Gerry Scotti. The videos of Fiorello And Amadeus they are very popular YouTubeespecially those of San Remo.

In fact, the two friends conducted the 2020 and 2021 editions of the San Remo Festivalwhile Fiorello participated in an evening of the last edition. To date we still don’t know if the Sicilian showman will participate in at least one evening of the next edition, which will be conducted by Amadeus, Gianni Morandi And Clare Ferragni. Meanwhile, a very old video has appeared that dates back to 1990 in which there are two young people Fiorello And Amadeusalways ready to make the audience laugh.

Fiorello and Amadeus, the 1990 video in which he imitated Gruber and Vespa

The video of Fiorello And Amadeus of 1990 has already racked up nearly 60,000 views on YouTube. Its duration is very short but it is enough to laugh heartily. At the beginning there is a small introduction of Gerry Scottiwhich announces the arrival of the moment dedicated to the two inseparable friends, who immediately start with some hilarious jokes and then move on to imitations.

First comes the imitation of Bruno Vespa from Fiorello and then comes Lilli’s Gruber from Amadeus. The journalist, today a A7was one of the best known faces of the Rai at the time and presented the 20 o’clock edition of Tg1. In the last seconds of the video (click here to see it) there is also a twenty-five year old Leonardo Pieraccionialso transited through Radio Deejay in that time.

Amadeus Fiorello '80
Amadeus Fiorello in the 80s (credit: Instagram) – Sologossip

The last appearance together in the small screen of Fiorello Rosary And Amadeus it is quite recent and dates back to last December 5, when the Venetian presenter participated in Long live Rai 2!, morning program conducted by the Catanian showman. Also in this case, during the connection, viewers (and radio listeners, because the program is also broadcast simultaneously on the radio) were able to admire the great fellowship of this fantastic couple, always ready to put on a show at any time or occasion.