Canada massacre, second suspect dead after arrest

Intercepted and stopped at around 3.30pm yesterday, Myles Sanderson reportedly died of self-inflicted injuries shortly after being stopped.

AND’ the second of the two brothers who were wanted in connection with the series of stabbings in Saskatchewan, Canada also died. This was confirmed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Myles Sanderson was intercepted and detained around 3:30 pm local time yesterday, after days of manhunt. Rhonda Blackmore, commander in Saskatchewan, explained to reporters that officers have located a vehicle stolen by the man and “led it astray”, rammed into a ditch. And, she added, Sanderson was taken to hospital shortly after he was arrested for his health condition. His death was confirmed here.

According to informed sources also cited by the Guardian, he died shortly after his arrest due to self-inflicted injuries.

“Now that Myles is dead we may never know the motive,” said Blackmore, confirming that a knife was found in the car, although for now there is no confirmation that it is the weapon used in the attacks that made ten. dead and 18 injured. Myles Sanderson’s brother, Damien, was found dead Monday with “obvious injuries” which police said they “do not believe are self-inflicted injuries.”